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 Portable Fence Panels:

A great way to separate
 play spaces outside.
 Fence Panels are Free standing.

2 Sizes:
 1200mm long x 1050mm high
1200mm long  x  750mm high

$190.00 net per panel    /    $209.00 inc gst



 Outdoor Settings:
(Bench Seats Attached)
The perfect setting for lunch-time picnics & outdoor table activities.  
Made from beautiful weather-resistant timber.  

Size: 1200mm long.   Material: English Cypress, dressed & sanded. Finish: Oiled.

$450.00 net  /  $495.00  inc gst

Extra Bench Seats Available
(not attached)
Great for extra seating, sturdy for
outdoor use.

Length 1200mm.
 $150.00 Net  /   $175.00 inc GST

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 Sandpit Workbench:

Sandpit workbenches are an original Lastings design.
*Beware of copies from unauthorised suppliers*

Encourage sand to stay where it belongs by providing a good focus for sandpit activity.  
Sand falls through, maintaining an attractive work surface. 
Folds up for easy storage. 

Material: English Cypress.     Finish: Oiled. 

(Lgth, 1260mm,Width 500mm, Height 570mm)  
$300.00  net/$330.00.  inc gst



Children's Porters' Trolley


Children will love putting things away with
the Porters' Trolley
$170.00 Nett  /  $187.00 (inc GST)


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