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  Tubular 'Ellis' Bells:

A full octave tuned to concert pitch.  Muted strikers, carefully chosen bell material and attention to detail in design and making, make this a beautiful and mellow-toned instrument suitable for children to explore.   Disassembles for storage or transport.   Maximum height 1300mm.  Assembled width 1150mm. 

 $650.00 net  /  $715.00 inc gst


 Outdoor Tubular Bells
As above but this set is set into the ground &  left outdoors.
Bell-bar can be easily removed for storage or transport


$560.00 net/ $616.00 inc gst



 Multi Screens


Great for creating spaces, for cubbies,
(on it's side) puppet theatres, crawl tunnels.

(3 panels)$165.00 net  / $181.00 inc gst

(4 panels)$220.00 net  / $242.00 inc gst

Set of 8 Fabric Clips  $20 net/ $22 inc gst

A pair of Connector Clips to join sets of screens together

Pair of Connector Clips   $24 net/ $26.40 inc gst


 Steering Wheel

Traditonal wooden Steering Wheel.
         Our Steering Wheel can be placed  anywhere ready to 'drive'
Photo shows it used with our Multi Stools

$90.00 net/ $99.00 inc gst





Uxbridge Block Sets:

   156 pieces pack into their own storage unit.   An excellent alternative or complement to standard
kindergarten blocks. 

  Block lengths 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180mm. 
(ie. 1-6 Units in length)  Unit size 30x30x30mm.
$410.00 net  /  $451.00 inc gst

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