Multi Tables:
One Table, So Many Uses

Multi tables are an original Lastings design.
*Unauthorised copies from other suppliers may not
be compatible with other Lastings products*

Use in any aspect to create a wholerange of settings for open ended play.
*Use it on its side as a stage to present focused play
* Use it on its side with a tub for any sort for messy play.
*Use it on its side with cushions to create a double seat
*Use on its end as a shop counter
*Or use it the right way up as a table!

Materials: 12mm Hoop Pine Ply, Finish: 2 pack. Polyurethane.
(Height 465mm Width 550mm length 740mm)

$275.00 Nett $302.50 inc GST.

Tubs to suit (see top image)
$40.00 Nett/ $44.00 inc GST
Mirrors: ( shown below bottom right )
Set of three Mirrors for Multi Tables can be
attached when needed
$100.00 Nett/ $110.00 inc GST


Multi Table Extention Work Tray


Fits Securely onto our Multi Table & a great way to present poring activities

$85.00 net / $93.50 inc gst


 Table Top Shelves


A practical way to present materials for table activites
or to display interesting objects, or a book shelf.
Designed to fit neatly ON or IN our Multi Table

680mm long X 450mm high

$105.00 / inc gst $115.50

Timber Dividers:
Separate play spaces for focused activity.
3 panels with tough shade-cloth infill screens to allow supervision

$440.00 net / $484.00 inc gst
(Each panel 1000 x 600)

O'Halloran Crates:
Simple versatile Solid pine
900x900x500 deep. Oiled finish.
Used singly or in multiples. Great for any play corner or used as a raised platform

$480.00 net/$528.00 inc gst


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