Multi Tables

Can be used in a whole range of settings for open ended play.
Used as a table or a seat! And much more!
550mm (l) 740mm (w) x 465mm (h)

$310 + gst        Mirrors: $105.00 +gst


Circular Troughs

Sturdy metal frame and timber top with translucent bowl.
570mm or 520mm (h).

$330.00 + gst
Lids to fit on top $90 + gst

Portable Fence Panels

Free standing.
Great for separating outdoor play spaces.
1200mm (w) x 1050mm or 750mm (h).

$295 + gst

3 Panel Multi Screen

Light weight.
Separate places to play.
Any fabric can be clipped on.

$215 + gst (3 panels)
$285 + gst (4 panels)

O’Halloran Crates

S0 versitle!
Used in any play corner or as a platform.
500mm (h) x 900mm (w) x 900mm (l).

$540 + gst

Tubular Bells

Fully octave tuned to a concert pitch.
Outdoor set
Can be set into the ground and bells removed for safe storage.
$710.00 + gst
Portable set
Disassembles for easy storage.
$775.00 + gst

Sandpit Workbench

Good focus for sandpit activity.
Folds for easy storage.
570mm (h) x 500mm (w) x 1260mm (l)

$380 + gst

Steering Wheels

Traditional, sturdy wooden steering wheel.

$115 + gst

Multi Stools

Very flexible way to present play. Can be used a s a stool or turned on the side to present play.
245mm (h) x 240mm (w) x 400mm (l)

$95 each + gst

Timber Dividers

Separates play spaces for focused activity.
3 panels with shade-cloth infill to allow supervision.
Each panel is 1000mm (h) x 600mm (w)

$490 + gst
(Circular Worktray $102.00 + gst)

Weaving Frames

Portable & versatile.
Great for indoors or outdoors.
Can be used to divide play areas too!
1060mm (h) x 1000mm (w)

$270 + gst

Circular Worktray

A sturdy waterproof round worktray for all materials.
Heavy duty translucent  white plastic.
600mm diameter w 70 deep

$102.00 +gst

Table Top Shelves

A practical way to present materials for table activities, or to display interesting objects,  Fit on or in our multi table

580mm (l) x 450 mm (h) x 165 mm deep

$115 + gst

Porters Trolley


Multi Purpose Platform/Podium

Great platform for babies and toddlers or as a seat for any children.
Carpeted top and sides.

1200mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 300mm (W)
Original design by Mary Featherstone- used with permission

$360 + gst

Light Wall

Create play spaces  adding the fascination of light & colour
If you have a design in mind, we are happy to work with you on it
(price on application)

((L) 1270mm X  (H) 1125mm

$750 + gst

Outdoor Setting

Create for picnics outside and table activities.
Made form beautiful weather resistant timber.

Length: 1200mm   Material: English Cyprus

$570.00  + gst